PRODUCT: SPRING '15 The Details

Spring is officially here after yesterday. In-store and in season Spring is about colors, the sun is peaking through for the first time, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the grass is greener - it's a real transitional period. For eTceTera and eTcTacoma it's a step up and a step in the right direction. With the introduction of Spring '15 we are offering more and that has lead to additional racks being added in-store.

It is our intention to make sure the public can see our progression right before their eyes and feel apart of it. From one rack to one too many. That's history you'll have built with us; if you were here before the store gets all fancy with fixtures. The eTcTacoma experience should feel like a time lapse; little by little through product expansion, assortment and, for cult eTc fans, it makes the retail experience interactive. 

From a brand perspective this is an exciting and enticing season - designs we've planned on dropping for a number of years (or when the time is right) like the Micro-Dot pattern and new ideas that come via friends and images that cross our path and strike a cord (the Cardinals logo flipped into a Goldfinch inspired by our STL born brother KhrisPKream). The process of flipping is about finding the wit behind your redesign. It should also have sort of personal connection with your brand identity and the initiative you're pushing. The graphic, this season, that fits that model to a T (shameless pun) is the Benchwarmer's graphic - a Starter flip that builds on our UNDERDOG mindset - a satire for how we feel we are viewed in terms of the industry as a whole. 

This season we also released a graphic wit a special place in our hearts - it was originally designed for the eTcTacoma grand opening collection with Go Fuck Yourself Co. but we wanted something more vulgar. In hindsight we loved the graphic so much we knew that we had to use it - with expansion of assortment this season there was plenty of room to add it into the collection. There is a Japanese influence in the shape that Mt. Rainier seem like something out of anime legend. All props go to the homie Carlos of BornxRaised he had the vision nearly a year ago.

Umi WagonerComment