The :30 crew understand consistency better than most and although they may not always meet their own deadlines they have yet to not be on time. When it seems like things have been looming in the silence too long you can bet DJ_Q will send out the :30 bat signal and let Twitter know the marker for amount of plays on whatever song was previously released has been met. And that is the clear indication of new work about to touch the people. DJ_Q did not disappoint and 4 days ago, it's been a store opening anthem since then, SheedBe and the elusive Phx released 'INDICTED (freestyle)'. Phx provides the heavy hitter beat with a snails pace that matches SheedBe's effortless cockiness and self assured swag with lines that hit home like "Don't gotta whip no baking soda - puull up ina da new Rover." Indicted also feels like an ode to KE and the life they live together as a crew but from SheedBe's perspective - it's a satire really for how making moves can lead to occupying two drastically different lifestyles. This song is one of our new favorites in SheedBe's current catalogue.

One thing you can set your watch by is every time we see the :30 crew in-store it's nothing but good vibes, shopping and my default question - "When ya'll finna drop next??". About a month ago I had the chance to sit in on a session for their group project that you should be highly anticipating if you aren't already. While I was there I was able to see DJ_Q in the studio on the engineering side of things, Scooby Miles was in the booth when I arrived and laying what I knew would fire after completion. I could not stop saying "But I just sleep wit them hunnids.." on my ride home. After he stepped out the booth he came into the engineering room and asked for Q's take on things and after minor adjustments recording ended and smoking commenced. That day, after witnessing the camaraderie and work ethic, I left thinking, "That was just a banger they knocked out in there - I need that".

Although I was sure I wouldn't hear it again until the release of the full :30 project, which no longer has a tentative date due to complications with member Keon Simms, I was wrong and yesterday :30 member Bishop hit my line to inform me the street were on fire again. Scooby Miles SLEEPY HONCHO below.

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