MUSIC: NEW VIDEO - JAY305 ft. Joe Moses - Thuggin

My homie Jay305 is really a real one. What ever your neighborhood extremist's meaning of the phrase "real one" is - Jay305 embodies that on the west-coast. Much like his up bringing and the music he listened to growing up he is here to tell the story of life on the West where things are not all sunshine, beaches, Hollywood and rainbows. Throughout the years Jay and I bonded through 'the block'(RIP), Burnside and OpM. He was always one of the homies from Burn that stopped through and could hang with us on RSWD and politic. And with good reason - Jay305 is a real rep, with close ties to the Jungles (a rough LA neighborhood that is hub to some of the most notorious bloods) but has never gang banged and also has ties to every part of the city including territories that rival with his Jungles background. That is why I use the term 'real one' because there is nothing fake about his music, voice, or persona and why he will never be caught bangin because he's been thuggin. Hence his frequent use of the term and title of his new single and video posted below with production credit going to his homie DJ MUSTARD and feature from Joe Moses. 

In addition blessings to 305, Arch and DOM he was just signed to Interscope a few months back with only 2 songs out, ever, and both of them on iTunes - talk about using music as a hustle, he does and he did. That's the OpM way. We look forward to watching his growth in fan base and catalogue. But for now we'll enjoy watching a day in the life of LA thuggin - flocking houses. 

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