253RDSTREET: Setting The Precedent

Lately 253rd Street is on fire. They are a newer blog covering Tacoma's music scene and not solely hip-hop. I learned about them last year when they covered some of the SANDLOT projects that released and since then I have been watching for consistency to see what kind they have. Because when dealing in a micro-climate, such as Tacoma, content is not all the people care about - volume is just as important if not the most important component. They want to be able to do a daily or every other day check up and see something new - whether they indulge in reading it or not. And 253rd delivers in the consistency department more the any other Tacoma music blog we are aware of and we love it  - it means real growth here in Tacoma and that the scene is bubbling enough for day to day and interesting content. What's more is that they fully understand that over at 253rd. They voice it and it's refreshing to have like minded people doing their part to promote awareness to the youth - it has to be habitual and voiced in order for it to become habit. The culture is being currently curated - not rehabilitated because for most people our age we never felt a connection to 'Tacoma culture' there was nothing broken to fix, there just wasn't. With that said salute to 253rdStreet for being on their hustle and being part of the ground level. They have a excellent feature on Mountainhouse TV's Cave Sessions which currently only features band but in a video recorded performing arts sort of way that they are the first to do it in Tacoma. It's those type of articles that revert attention to our own backyard and not elsewhere and bring attention from elsewhere to Tacoma. 253rd is spotlighting talent in a grassroots way and for that we will always show our support.


Umi WagonerComment