It's always good to run into a young skater who is actively pursuing the traditional trek to Skateboarder Mag covers and the Thrasher cult following. Scooby from :30presents actually put me on. Nowadays it seems a lot like brands are getting to the gifted ollie poppers earlier. Kayo had Baby Scumbag aka Steven Fernandez show up to an in-store meet and greet that kept parents and kids outside for a day in a half in order to get a glimpse and photograph with, the then 14 year old, Fernandez. It seems the earlier you catch them - the longer you can ride their wave and transform their skill in a salary and other businesses.

Bakari Fofana may not be garnering camp out lines but he's made strides thus far. From the PNW, Seattle to be exact, he reps and has done work with and for Alive & Well in Seattle; a skaters paradise in the PNW. He was also picked up for a spot in a FlySociety video in 2012 and since has been able to keep his cult fan base entertained via Instagram and Twitter while skating for Supra, Skyline socks, and of course Alive & Well still. Bakari's success took him from Seattle to Los Angeles where he seems to spend a good part of his days getting clips in all the right spots.

Now that we see him - he's honestly hard to miss and is mixed in with our homies from THRAXXHOUSE and even some of the young hitters in Los Angeles. So he's well versed in his industry and we are sure you'll see a lot more from Fofana after he recoups from a recent back injury.  Maybe we get a Battle of the BERRICS winner that reps Seattle. 

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