There has been a lot of new music coming from Tacoma and we appreciate the quality and consistency of it all - with the traffic lights looking green all around the TOWN it's good to see. The wave WestVill is advocating blends the art influenced youth of Lakewood with its comparable Tacoma crowd. In doing such the ear of the locals is becoming familiar with hearing itself and so begins the stir.

But before stepping into next chapter it's healthy to scan the past for inspiration and gems you may have missed. It is no secret that we are close to the SVNDLAAT and consider them the best in Tacoma, bias or not, like it or not it's fact not fiction to us. That bit of information must mean one thing the ringleader of SVNDLAAT Leon Swanks, is the best at the top of the heap. Almost three years ago the MC released his best work to date and we could argue more but why bother. It is a project anybody can enjoy and the music is original, all sourced by Leon, who also mixed his vocals for the entire project and added plently of sound effects to help solidify his song concepts. The projects buzz was short lived due to his immediate shift to start on a new musical venture with Jeanleon. Swanks is currently gearing up to release his long awaited project 'All We Want Is Everything' so it's time we get you palettes familiar. For us this is Tacoma personified and taking it self seriously. Swank's work following RLNCFS has only become more well rounded but when getting into talks of archive, favorite songs, properly culled track-lists and beat selection RLNCFS is an unattainable trophy. It has the 'found it for the first time' feeling good artists exude when they are coming into their own - those are the moments to capture and the CDs that get spins throughout generations. 

Umi WagonerComment