It's rare that writing about myself makes any sense but in this case it also speaks on behalf of the LOT (SVNDLAAT) and the (G)uardians. In LA, LG (Liquid Galaxy) and I spent a lot of time shooting and directing short films/music videos together. LG can literally bring a story to life with his eye and post production skills set so I'd tell him one and he'd show me what it looked like. But with DAZED it wasn't about a story at all (although there was one) it was all about the type of shot - landscape, dashboard, motion shots were the focus. And although it was not the focus the storyline surrounded the cover of the SUSHI project coming to life and living life with the (G)uardians, unknowingly, around me always keep things rambunctious. The shoots themselves are always the funnest part of putting out a project. Every one comes out and wants to come out to location whether they're in the video or not. And for this project in particular - everyone was happy to see me finally rapping at the camera - which did not happen prior to SUSHI. 

Below is Dazed - the lead video off the project, the other two may never be released.

SUSHI is originally a beat tape by the Almighty Khris P Kream and was featured on 2Dopeboyz when it released under his old alias Octopus Jones. It's the experimental drum heavy sound KhrisP has tailored today so well that he almost doesn't' need the "HAHA" tag - but the world may cease to spin with it. Queue fanboy rage. If you know any of my catalogue I already re-imagined the first Octopus Jones tape (Angler Fishing) so SUSHI was obviously up next. It didn't take long, riding around LA I had been playing the tape nonstop (I played LOT only projects for about 8 months) and it all just came to me, on my way to the studio and at work and in bed - everywhere. But KhrisP has always had the ability to bring that quality of writing out of me. It's the drums and when it's not it's the absence of drums. RIP O. Jones. He also said something to me in the Dugout one night we were filming that as long as I make music I'll never forget, he said "..that fashion sh*t that's you - and half the time I don't what you talking about but that sh*t's tite - do that." Coming from KhrisP, who rarely speaks, that was more than enough to convince me to take his advice. So SUSHI became one big reference to fashion spreads/editorials, magazine covers, International high-end house advertising and of course models that were inspiring me at the moment. Art, a designer and good friend of mine, took creative direction on the cover to replicate an i-D magazine cover - it was a tightly wound concept. So the other day when in conversation with KhrisP it came up and all the time spent came rushing back. 


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