Sinclair has always had a natural eye for designer quality and style since we were youth together in high school - so I've seen his evolution. From our jersey and AF1 heavy days, to our Lemar & Dauley, Stussy revival era. There were some insane Nike SB days too. Back when Lunar Lows and Send Helps reigned king. Remember East coast and West coast releases?? You had to call your cousin you never speak to and ask if he would make a trip for you, and you know you had to throw in a little something extra at him for it. 

So as adults whenever the SVNDLAAT would make it to dugout altogether in complete form (everyone in TOWN) Sinclair and I always found side conversation in what was going on in the industry. It has always been a genuine want to hear an opinion from someone I feel is as informed if not more informed than I. The conversations always expand across a few different topics, designers, brands, music, directors, sneakers, trends and unknowns (companies and music the other many not know exist). 

Our conversations have continued - years and years later the topics never change but the answers are never the same. That's why I asked him to join us a staff writer/ contributor and so was birthed "Over-Opinionated". It is an open journal log from C. Sinclair whenever he's provoked enough to the put it in writing, touching on style, fashion and I'm pretty sure some weird music you and I have never heard. Nowadays he's elevated once again wearing A.P.C., RRL and John Elliot + Co so expect his content to step outside the realms of rarewear. But more importantly he will be dropping gems about the culture and keeping you privy to all the necessaries you didn't know were necessary. 


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