MUSIC: BlakkSoul ft. Candace Price - SO GOOD

Blakksoul is as consistent as it comes in respect to showing face through out the TOWN, up North in the city of Seattle and working with local engineers and artist when they have their business together - and we aren't always taking about in the form of payment. Performing locally through out the PNW and posting requested covers regularly on his IG are other strong parts of his branding but releasing original music is at its core and lately he's been on a roll. 

Soul released his single Kind of Love on iTunes, Spotify, etc in Oct, which featured Aaron AB Abernathy (who works with Black Milk and is songwriter for industry artists as well) and has not looked back. Soul's next release was Dreamland as a single before his holiday album in collaboration with Rapper Big Pooh entitled 'Holiday Jukin'. And just recently he has released two new tracks 'Breathe' featuring TheGoodSin and produced by Kuddie Fresh and now 'So Good' featuring Candace Price the songstress from Chicago with a strong YouTube presence and a cult following herself. 

'So Good' is a turn in direction for Blakksoul's sound and thus far is getting rave reviews and was recently picked up by Jamie Foxx's satellite radio station Foxhole Radio when they played it and let callers vote. Sonically the song plays on today's hard hitting RnB beats and image but Blakksoul's vocal arrangements reference far more Jodeci than The Dream or Trigga. That juxtaposition works well with his voice and you can still hear the neo-soul that IS Blakksoul shine through. There are plently of layers and he's all over with his range and harmonies - this song is seriously a delight at night. Whatever corner he's turned we hope he finds consistency in that direction - it seems to be a natural talent of his anyway. Peep 'So Good' below:

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