Let's talk Yeezy prices. We were told that all things Yeezy would be accessible and affordable right?! Well we've been bamboozled and I'm not surprised at all. Style is ever evolving and so are the price tags that go along with it, but let's be real here we're seeing an influx in "high end" street wear and that's all this is, nothing in the collection jumps out to me except for the duck boot. I'm no Ye hater or anything and in fact I usually support anything Mr. West does but something doesn't sit well with me and these prices. I mean he did run around all last year telling us how he wanted his product to be for the people and affordable to the people, I'm not quite sure when $430 was affordable for a hoody. As a matter of fact - let's not even talk about how I don't know anyone who was able to snag a pair of 750 boosts. All in all the collection looks good but not great, we'll have to wait and see if Ye makes good on his word though.

Pricing below is via the cleverly connected FourPins via HighSnobiety 

Entry-level pieces, like hoodies and sweatshirts: $430
Knits and sweaters: $880 up to $1650
Outerwear: $1750 up to $3800+
Yeezy Duck Boot: $495
Yeezy 350 Boost Low: $209

Canvas backpack: $495
Leather backpack: $715
Leather bag: $880

Words by: C. Sinclair 

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