Nowadays rappers incorporate movie scenes into their videos with the purpose of curating some artsy homage to a cult cinema that they know will resonate with their audience. It's often a gimmick. Then there are rare moments when it feels authentic and you can see the storytelling aspects behind the visuals instead of arbitrary scenes flashing in between performances. Not only does Makkk dodge that bullet but he also entitled the song 'Tupac Mindstate' and stuck to that on the conceptual side of things and bar for bar - if you listen closely. If you don't know Makkk Hussien he is one of the more consistent artist in Tacoma helping to set the bar based on his perseverance for perfection. If there is one thing that I learned from Makkk on a personal level and solely based of observation it is wait, wait until it look/sounds the way it did in your head. That is what you're striving for - to recreate what you saw in your vivid imagination. The message is dated a bit but falls into modern relevancy with all the police brutality happening and we all know how Tupac felt in regards to that. The production and performance however are modern, impressive and quality in terms of presentation. The sound is definitely not local but I'm happy Makkk is from here and can be an example. 

Umi WagonerComment