OVER_OPINIONATED - The Plight of a Sneaker Head

Today I realized the sneaker world has out grown me. Actually I've been feeling this way for about 2 years now, it's Saturday morning, the 11th to be exact and I'm ready for my chance to come up on the Kith x Puma R698 "Sakura". NOPE sold out, I mean I'm up at 8:30am not to get the shoes but because that's just when I wake up and the shoes were already sold out. Right then and there I knew if I have to sacrifice sleep for footwear it's over. This feels strange to me, I immediately thought back to the time I sacrificed an ENTIRE YEARS WORTH of school clothes for one pair of sneakers, or oh let's say 2006 a friend of mine said "doesn't it bother you that everyone wants to be a sneaker head now? When you were the first one around here?" At the time I didn't mind I wanted to be around likeminded people or be out and see someone else in a pair of Send Helps. Fast forward to 2010, the age of information, and you have a whole bunch of people who use words like DS and Hypebeast words that didn't exist to them the year prior. Supreme is all the rage and you have to wake up at 3 and 4 o'clock just to buy shoes and clothes. Call me a "hipster" but I really miss the times when it was a few of us that knew and the rest bought Jordan's every Saturday. At one point my collection was HUGE I was almost 300 pairs deep, but eventually I saw what was to be. Sold everything via eBay and was done. Now I have about three pairs of shoes in rotation, and no none of em would be considered "heat" as they call it but I'm more than content with that. Good thing is I enjoy seeing people do what they say they like/love so keep on keeping on.

Signed a former bitter sneaker enthusiast 

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