VIDEO: SheedBE - All I Know :30

'All I Know' is that :30 is on a run. Visit their Soundcloud for confirmation or visit them on YouTube - either way it is impressive. Phx, the mind behind the lens, always seems to understand how to capture the essence of what :30 is on screen. And it is his effortless talent that bottles up the fluent steez SheedBe and the rest of the :30 clique exude. The visual comes, once again, after DJ_Q's promise to release new content after 1k plays on Scooby's Sleepy Honcho via Soundcloud. 'All I Know' has been a part of their show set so this is one we've been anticipating in mp4 or mp3 form and 30presents didn't disappoint. Salvatore belts, custom chains, Supreme paired with an infectious hook that feels more like a morning mantra in addition to highlight bars like "...all this money got me in the equation/plug translation speaking in tongues/coughing up a lung, smoking on gas/drought season so you know ima tax". We really enjoy what these young minds are brainstorming. Shout out to Sheed for rocking his eTc red satin in the phone booth scene, 1 of 12 - very rare.

:30 - that's a lot of time. FREE KE.

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