PRODUCT: eTceTera x The Whole Nine SF

The Whole Nine SF is our little brother brand by all means. Not only are they bay-area and Washington, especially Tacoma and Seattle, is heavily influenced by the Bay and it's niche culture that seems to spread across the U.S. and, in some cases such as E-40, Too Short and Mac Dre, the Atlantic ocean. We can all see the effect of the dread-lock epidemic up and down the west coast - it started in the Bay. So did The Whole Nine, Jess and Kevin two San Francisco natives, rarewear enthusiasts and students turning into connoisseurs in their respective fields. Their brand is really about the grassroots SF lifestyle, taking the bart, crossing the bridge, fighting the fog, its all a part of their lifestyle and lifestyle product is what they are producing - not selling. Their pre-order game plan for releases is pretty smart too. Either get it or don't, but understand you don't have the option after it's released. If you pay attention then you know Kevin is also our Art Director and as our art director there are times his doodles turn into diabolical plots for product. This is one of those moments.

This is our first collab with WNSF; a phone case for iPhone models 5s and 6. Originally the art was only art. Kevin drew two versions on construction paper and gifted us during his first month working with the company. Kevin's good for gifting art and we are appreciative. Of course we thought they were hilarious and held them near and dear for about a week before the idea to convert them into product ran across our minds, and what better lifestyle product is there than a phone case. It's everyday use - and the witty graphic perspective of looking down at a pair of slides while sliding into the DM's (direct messages) of the opposite sex says so much about Club907. We all know what the Summer is for - making a connection or two that spirals into conversations during the Fall/Winter aka 'Choosing Season'.

Look for this to be released some time in the month of May.... 

Umi WagonerComment