When referring to local music and artist the word ‘local’ seems to be used in reference to status. Surpassing the ‘local’ tag for most fans means that someone has moved away in order to expand their audience – thus no longer being physically present to the scene. But it’s less about highlighting skill set and more about capturing a feeling that will attach itself to the songs. It’s the reason you Leaves when you’re leaving the bar around 1:45AM or when you wake up late on a day off. But the transition into the newfound vibes was seamless. Dave, already a harmonizer, Loosies only solidified what we already knew but it was so concise in sound it caught the attention of new listeners and has done very well on Soundcloud in addition to catching good word of mouth and written reviews.

His latest Loosie (a single song released with no attachment to upcoming bodies of work) “Rain” is Dave blending the best of both his sonic vibes. There is vivid story telling, witty wordplay, it seem like Dave is sending an open letter to the people about being down for him and for the right reasons. Or maybe just going with the flow and living you life based on what you stand for – or he could be talking about the scattered weather patterns in the Northwest. Bring your umbrella. 

Umi WagonerComment