Choice, the simpler version of his old moniker Royce the Choice, is in a transition phase and coming into his own as a business man. It's a career evolution every rapper must face, when the talent that got you the top spot stops being priority in order to advance yourself in bigger audiences. Luckily for Choice his pen game is so strong that it wasn't long after DJ Mustard announced his arrival as the first 10 Summers artist that Fergie dropped a Summer banger and LA party girl anthem L.A. love LALALA. Since then he has been running up and down the west coast connecting with fan base that he does and gaining new ears along the way. His in store here and at Compound Gallery went well proving he still has the PNW crowd although he's been LA conquering new land. 

Below SAYCHEESETV got a chance to sit with Choice and get a bit of the back story on how he became the first artist on 10 SUMMERS Records under the top producer of 2014 DJ Mustard. The story is exactly as it should be - one based on organic relationship building and genuine belief in another's talent.

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