VIDEO: Scooby Miles - PLENTY

The :30 wave is real. The time is now and they understand that for them it is the sign of labor turning into fruition. Songs on top of songs stacked up in a couple pending folders - probably entitled AM and PM. That may be why we keep getting songs that aren't MP3's yet as visual experiences instead. Not that his past work hasn't but this one really shines a light on Phoenix and his ability to curate the look that is :30. The purposely shaky camera pans, the neon background lighting and the polished, industrial street grit that helps you remember :30 didn't come for play. Abridged and impactful PLENTY is a track about having what you need so much so that you don't have to ask or worry about another human. That may very well be the motif behind everything :30 able to stand alone and honorable enough to conquer together.

Umi WagonerComment