It is always exciting to be around during the inception of something a company, a club, a friendship, a band,etc. But over time I've learned that the fun is sincerely appreciated until sometime afterwards - in those moments of reflection. That's why hindsight is 20/20 your perspective scope broadens after you experience one of what may be many outcomes. My relationship with Suspend, it's super talented editor and lead photographer Diane is one of those experiences. Looking at the progress of her publication and knowing the business hurdles and life mountains that have gone into maintaing a particular level of quality from content and aesthetic standpoints is eye opening to look back on. Owning a publication is one of the hardest industries to tackle; there are infinite outlets it's about finding all the right sockets and lighting them up at the same time - it even sounds like a little bit of impossible. Diane and her team managed to accomplish the impossible feat 4 times in a row and making this their 5th attempt. I think they've got the hang of things. 

Peep the BTS of the cover shoot with Hayley Kiyoko a songstress, actress and model. She livens up the entire photo studio like only a star personality can, effortlessly, while Diane and her crew catch it all in motion.

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