Will Jordan has released the second installment of his three part series Journey To The Land of the Lost. The latest project is entitled "LIMBO" hosts a total of six tracks. Much like on Plant City Will covers a few different tempos and uses production and engineering capabilities to interact with his story telling and concept. 

He explains most of it in detail here with Casey Carter

Now for our feelings. It's too short; roughly 15 mins playback (probably less) and 'In the Car' ends up feeling like a trick more than a track when 'On the Run' ends. The comments in via the Internet support our feelings although nothing can justify being an upset consumer who acquired merchandise for free. But that is the spoiled and electronically entitled era we live in - so give us more music Will!!! Couldn't hurt to ask/demand. Then again the third installment is set to release on May 7th - so my complaints hold little weight (pun intended). LIMBO is solid all the way through, starting with 'Change' you feel the lonely theatrics and it is powerful, engineering a live presence and producing with a live instrument approach. From there things only escalate 'Light My Fire' sounds like Will scored it for a blockbuster trailer and features his daughter singing along to her favorite song at the end. But 'On The Run' much like 'In My Arms' ends the tape on such a high that you need more and thus far his plan has been to deliver. 

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