Art is a huge part of Tacoman culture. Artist from around the country move here every year in order to "find their creative space" and because of the gorgeous nature visual that drapes over our region regardless of the season. An art bug that started as small as woven, knitted festival sold jewelry and garb and has blossomed itself into a Glass Museum and bridge and a renovated Art Museum, alongside creative businesses like Tinkertopia, Destiny City Comics and Grit City Grindhouse. Common ground behind these businesses is the creative lifestyle they promote, support and the youth they nurture. Tinkertopia's entire business platform surrounds the idea nurturing creative young minds and teaching them how to steer their vision in the right direction. Our goal at eTc has and will always be to provide an outlet where Tacoma youth and the youth of its surrounding communities can express themselves to the public through their creative passions and/or hobbies. 

The youth art show was just that. They came, saw and conquered. The coolest part about this mini exhibition is that it only lasts a day or so and the pieces for the show weren't revealed to us until the day of. We had no idea that Henry who is an awesome young designer, should he choose to continue the path, was selling his handmade (yes handmade) 5-panels and patchwork T- shirts that mixed luxurious fabrics with cotton jersey. The fits weren't the best but the concepts were intriguing. Across from the forward fashions was art the most traditional art and photography all of which was very colorful with the exception of the 'Rat Sandwich' piece by Ian - it quickly became a favorite. 

The night itself was a revolving door of familiar and unfamiliar faces engaging in networking, buying art and just genuinely enjoying the atmosphere. Successful night and event. Special thanks to Ian, Jonah, Tower and Henry for being so cool we couldn't say no.

Umi WagonerComment