This section (Hoody's Collection) of the blog has been a long time in the making. But we are proud to present a new part of our 'product' features entitled "Hoody's Collection".

Besides being part of the Club907 crew Hoody is a long time entrepreneur, collector or picker of sorts and he's done it long enough to have 'the eye'. Hoody works with trades, e-commerce, pick up, drop off, whatever gets the job done - but he works with purpose, this is no race for quantity. He is hunting for dead stock, numbered limited editions and classics that a fellow vintage collector would be willing to literally trade the shirt of his back. But it takes some time build an assortment of highly coveted vintage and he has been building and trading his stock since early high school, owning a website, business cards and making house-calls for trades. 

If you have ever enjoyed an experience in Club907 then you have seen his jerseys, sweaters and jackets most of which are relevant to the Pacific Northwest (UW, Seattle Sonics, Tacoma Sabercats, eTc) per our requests. But due to recent international travels the infamous picker has come into a cargo load of collectibles. Items from the past that are a bit too special for the shop sales floor will now be showcased here on Hoody's Collection updated weekly with several pieces from our private stock. In the meanwhile check some of the heat to come. 

Phone orders available @ (253) 272-2894