It has been an issue from the start with Tacoma and I've addressed it before - the word 'local' doesn't come from the fact that artist are born here although it can help down the line with winning over your immediate audience. The word 'local' slips from the mouths of Tacomans regularly because of the quality of music released by rap acts here. Most Tacoma artist don't make music that can compete - and by compete I mean match industry standard. Sure - if you pay close attention there are artist that have moved away or have attached themselves to artist that are here often and it has taken them to the next level. What has not happened in Tacoma is an artist or collection of artists that have won over their immediate audience - Tacoma. Artists from the PNW admire the Bay-Area (especially young Tacoman hip-hop artists) not only for their sound but their ability to rally their region behind them enough that, if even for a split second, the entire nation is paying attention. That is the last step for Tacoma when speaking in rap terms - caring and relating with an artist so much so that they can speak for all of us. There have been several whom have tried all have failed. 

Cally Reed's new project "Call Me Cally" may be the piece of work to catch thee break. But the people have to be willing to ride the wave. This is an introduction to Cally as a solo artist from his time spent as Second Family. Second Family has been around for quite some time and they have garnered a fan base that is well respected and represented in our region. 

The introduction to "Call Me Cally" says everything. Besides being hilarious it touches very poetically on the fact that changing his moniker is no easy feat. So many people know Cally for the persona he was and not the person he's become. The work speaks (loudly) for itself. There are West coast elements to the album (no pun intended) and then there are beat selections and concepts that resonate with right now. Songs like 'S.D.S.' (Super Dupa Supreme) give out the Summer sun, 'Liquor and Dope' is another in same category. 'Off That' and 'Livin Homie' are a great one two punch, 'Off That' feels like a celebration filled with angst - like someone knocked the last hot dog out your hand after a great time at the BBQ. It's the one that you play on the way to the party because it builds and builds on itself - you're easily getting out of the car on 10. Livin Homie comes on next and things mellow out. And on track three Cally takes the time to tell you how he's living, how his people are living and his observation of others. Falling into reflection is almost contagious when you play it - followed by a moment of mental relaxation. Another notable song 'Think You Are', Cally questions who you are to doubt him, where he's from and what he's accomplished. Great questions to ask for someone who has put in the time and work ethic and doesn't get the deserved notoriety. 

Call Me Cally is 35 minutes of reality turned artistry arranged in song format. And perfect for a drive around your TOWN or to Seattle - if you're from Tacoma - put somebody on when you make it there. We support that. 

Fun Fact: The album cover was shot by Fice

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