Clemm Rishad is back and although we were unforgiving with our last review of his "Sunday Morning" mixtape release we maintain that it's solely in the sake of honesty. This time around he's back and with good reason - he's turing the club into Jamaica. 

Our hopes are resting on the idea that this single is gearing up the Clemm fan base for the second installment of his three-tape structured releases like his label/crew mate Will Jordan who not long ago released LIMBO - we are still playing it. It was a smart move to have SEASPOT exclusively release the song via their Soundcloud, reaching their audience in addition to the Skymovement fan base. This past week Skymovement and Clemm celebrated, what they are anticipating to be a summer smash for the camp, Jamaica's release by doing what the song says and "turn the club into Jamaica. Irie vibes aside this is a winner. The beat by Neenyo and the joyful tone from Rishad set the mood for a good time. Start to finish this song is made for a night out and speaks to every mans hopes in the right party atmosphere and that is lots of women dancing, high energy and non-stop. That is in fact what Clemm is campaigning, bottles popping, with curvy bodies falling suit and winding to big drums under playful melodies. He very well may have succeeded - the true test will be in the months to come when Club907 kicks off again and the BBQs are weekend ritual. 

Hopefully this drop means there is more heat in the arsenal - until then we'll have this one queued up and ready. 

Umi WagonerComment