The day of his listening party Cally Reed released a video for the second single off his "Call Me Cally" project. 'Liquor and Dope' might hold the best production on the album not to mention the one feature that everyone has been waiting on - Bruce Leroy. The two TOWN reps connected for an ode to the Summer time tradition of choking on mouthfuls of weed smoke and refilling glasses with strong cognac. In this visual adaptation of 'L&D' Leroy and Reed have private access to the CaesarSalad smoke lounge and enjoy a night of liquor and the finest dope the Northwest can provide. The camaraderie is felt and this is the kind of TOWN connecting we need to see. Both Cally and Bruce come from a time in Tacoma hip hop where the scene was bare and there were even less ears and eyes than there are now. Shout out to Cally Reed of course for dropping that Club907 jacket in the video. 

Perris WrightComment