The underground scene is the foundation for all music excluding no genre - uumm with the possible exception of country music. The freshest sounds, most experimental combinations, most erratic emotions and the truest lyrics are poured from the poorest souls. And then those sounds are referenced or sold and sometimes (but often not) exposed to the masses thus progression appears to follow organically. It's like watching weeds grow - you don't they just happen.  God Bless the underground. 

Then there's the underbelly. The often darker sounds that plant the seed of emotion into the industry that breed pop-stars into poster children for demonized minds. Que Boiler Boyz a very under the radar group of artist with a cult following. They come from PNW band culture, punk, garage punk and metal bands - the gnarly downtown warehouse scene. So the dark harsh sound, playing music and personal production isn't an issue and because of the glorious Internet and solid networking they have ties to the Miami based RAIDERKLVN - their web of members might be the biggest since Wu-Tang; and who knows how many members are in the crew it could be 3 or it could be 30. The same goes for the Boiler Boyz in reference to their crew's size but right now there are three that we like. Ghoulish, whom seems be a front man in all of this, CrimeWave and Yung Fern. Their cult following has led to success via Bandcamp for both downloads and sales. CRIMEWAVE has a very experimental newer release you should go give a listen and Ghoulish has a good amount of catalogue you can sample as well. But moving forward with that success the Boiler Boys are trailblazing Soundcloud next with Ghoul taking the point. Below is Ghoul's newest release and the first feature with Yung Fern - there is a lot of homage to the tycoon of terror SpaceGhostPurrp here and with good reason. Ghoul did a great job with hook you feel trapped listening to it and Fern's verse has the lazy life boredom induced slur this kind of misery needs. I'm sure when this passes the 1k/2k mark Ghoul will have more. We'll keep you in the know. 

Umi WagonerComment