The boys are back from the TOWN. ILLFIGHTYOU has been looming in the wings playing voyeur while the rest of underground hip-hop rambles off loosies to stay a float. But the wait hasn't been all for not. CASHINTHEBATHROOM is on it's way - but of course at the ILLFIGHTYOU pace. They rush for no man, woman or child - that has worked in their favor those far no reason to stop now. It's also helpful with ensuring there is no over saturation of their art but it often annoys fans and they actually enjoy that. If you've been around you also know that IFY comes in many shapes and forms - sometimes it's a band sometimes it's a solo act so don't be bothered by the duo and not the trio. Glenn's painting a masterpiece right now he can't be bothered with such trivial matters. But CASHINTHEBATHROOM is the project to set IFY over the top and onto a tour bus. IFY let Stereogum premier the single "Flash" two weeks ago and it's still getting traction out in the blog-sphere as it should. This is the appropriate energy pre-summer and pre-new release - punch out your people music for sure. 

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