Anwar Carrots is fresh off his Scion Gallery exhibit in Los Angeles where he turned apparel and accessories into purchasable art. Something about his simple graphics has a fine art appeal, not to mention the echelon of eyes that are often waiting to see his next move. "Carrots" by Carrots did not disappoint, he collaborated with the coolest of cult companies like Born n Raised, MIDNIGHT USA and Dertbag. All companies that helped Anwar produce one of one designs for his Scion Gallery collection. There are no collaborative pieces for sell any longer but Carrots is continuing to showcase the core of the "Carrots Field" collection. His latest stop was Atlanta inside Space2, there were performances and other limited edition items available including a Carrots Atlanta Braves flip and exclusive Reese La Flare merchandise. 

Below are recently posted lookbook photos featuring Anwar in his personally designed wardrobe. Alex Bortz the current hot-handed camera man that does Rare Panther and MIDNIGHT USA shoots shot and assisted in bringing the Carrots pieces to life. Per usual we were picky with purchasing from the collection and scooped up pieces we felt made the right statement to our beginners level customer base. But stay tuned as more Carrots leak into the store. 

Navy Carrots Tote bag available in-store or via phone order.
MARGRITTE T-shirt available in-store in Black ONLY.

MARGRITTE T-shirt available in-store in Black ONLY.

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