Camaraderie is the theme of 2015 and beyond for eTc, bridging all gaps, creating exposure, curating showcases and overall awareness for anything we find pertinent enough to share with our audience. It is a cult audience we are building everyday and own our club - "Club907".  

Travis Calloway might as well be the lead chairman. He's from the culture (streetwear/rarewear/sneakerheads) and he's from to Tacoma. Travis began shopping with eTc this Summer after our opening and there was a connection past being a customer, he became a crew member. Travis has been through a lot, several back surgeries, 38 to be exact, and has been paralyzed 4 times. None of this has stopped him, and much like when he walked into eTc he entered DTE and left more friend then just another consumer. His relationship with Justin Kercher, owner of DTE, blossomed and soon he was interning down at the DTE store on Pacific Ave. It's been six months now and Travis has proved himself more than useful in or out of a wheel-chair; his perseverance is baffling at times. 

Travis has yet again stepped up to the plate. He currently helping Justin spearhead a Kickstarter campaign in co-existing efforts with the (DSA) Downtown Seattle Association's retail program and program director Andi Pratt for a DTE location in the fastest growing metropolitan and right on bustling 6th and Olive Way. Plans are to have the second, and what will be the flagship, DTE location up and running by the end of Summer 2015. Be a part of this, this is a Tacoma business growing and taking Tacoma roots and ideals and putting them in the hand of the masses. 

Do the Extraordinary is utilizing a Kickstarter campaign to fund the store remodel and initial round of inventory creation, running through the month of May.   

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