All our support goes to the TOWN and that includes anyone and anything putting on for the T in a positive light. Peta Tosh is a light, a light from Seattle that has always done his best to include the PNW as whole in his branding and music. Tosh's music is something that we have long time supported. Whether or not he is from Tacoma makes no difference when you hear the professinalism of his work you understand it is his craft. "Thanks Krit" is a prime example, a homage tape he released using popular Krit beats and reimagining in his own likeness. It was an awesome marketing idea and a great way to deliver mixtape work without packaging it as such - it felt more like an EP. 

Peta or Alonzo Sevan, an alias used frequently as of late, is back with an original this time; it has been a while since we've heard anything from Peta but this one is just in time for the summer and from the looks of his current campaign he's gearing up for a lot more. On his latest "Just Got Paid" Peta sets the tone for the summer and the end of any serious work binge with vivid imagery of making money and spending it just as fast on your hearts latest desires. Much like Peta's other work his effortless cadence pairs well the beats bravado, this one has been car stereo approved and the cruising anthem thus far this season on a personal note. 

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