Not long ago we asked the good people involved in our twitter world what and who they thought the best mcee/rapper/rap act around. And while there were some expected names like Bruce LeRoy, Lil Ripp and KIng Leezy, there was one name that popped up more often than not - LROC. We have to admit that we were unfamiliar. But we dove right into learning about the cult following we were clearing missing out on. 

It quickly became clear why he would garner such a following, outside the not so obvious TOWN support we were seeing. LROC's visual prowess is as serious as his lyrical prowess. We were happy to learn his bars are of substance and social issues and surprised to see his videos are mini films in most cases complete with story lines and scene sequences. This isn't the Canon 7D and white back drop kind of stuff - there's concept and thought here. Below is his latest and the consistency is present, check out both the trailer and the video for LROC's "They ShooTin" ft. Key Calhoun - per usual all visual are shot and edited by HAYDAY. 

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