It's been established that the hip hop scene is growing and rather rapidly here in Tacoma. That's good news for everyone - it means more exposure. It means better music and younger talents and hopefully the spotlighting of older talents that have long awaited their moment. 

Prep is a younger talent and fresher face to the scene, from what we know, but his work ethic is present and his presentation is on point. We've had our eye on him since he came into the shop and left some physical copies of his Authentic EP. The intro is a highlight while the rest of the tape was strong but we didn't find any other standout cuts. Still his tenacity is his most appealing trait and the bars raise eyebrows here and there as well. Continuing to push his latest Prep paired with the infamous HAYDAY! for a visual to one of his popular tracks off the Authentic EP "Oh Lord". Prep is Florida bred but really out here in the T - cameos from LROC and working with Reallionaire LLC that's good business and TOWN love. 

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