The best around has returned to this summer season with new heat. Thank goodness. The Seattle mcee lays his talents over the infamous Jake One production as another loosie. Who knows when Dave's next project drops but who cares the heat is everlasting. We still play Loosies the 3 song EP in the shop like it went iTunes platinum. 

The Way dropped yesterday afternoon and we immediately swooped up by any good blog around. Dave does his thing per usual vivid verses, complex cadence, voice inflections and some great underlining harmonies going on here. Not a huge fan of the beat selection but its's a loosie - sometimes you just have to get it off your chest and out the archive. One thing is for sure if there are more Jake One x Dave B tracks in a cupboard somewhere we need access. The first two bars are life and its all vibes from there. Make sure to give this one the car ride test before you come to any final conclusions on whether it belongs in your summer mix, we played it handful of times in the shop and it made ours.

Umi WagonerComment