Bringing the Tacoman rap community together has been long overdue. For some reason even when one hip-hop act enjoys another they find it hard to voice it. Nobody wants to look inferior or even equal - they want to be different. It's understandable but it hinders the progression and the process of breeding a culture of listeners and performers. 

But things are changing, rapidly - much like everything in our nation, and Tacoma pride is building a bridge between cliches and niches. It only took one meeting down at Club907 for everyone to look across the room and give each other the silent head nod of approval. Since that initial meeting the brewing began and the results are in - July 1st the silent creative agency Tacoma Surf Club is going to make some noise in collaboration with eTcTacoma to release the digital downloadable project SOUNDWAVESVOL1. The project features a well rounded group of Tacoma noise makers, guys that travel for their passion, that show face in the TOWN, that shake hands with the people, believe in their art whole heartedly and more importantly make jams!

There are three covers, so it's your choice, and SOUNDWAVESVOL1 will be available to stream via eTcTacoma.com and the Tacoma Surf Club soundcloud. Artist featured are the project are:

King Leez / Lil Ripp / Shawn Parker / SheedBe / Scooby Miles / Fice / Bruce Leroy / Cally Reed / LROC /  VE$PA / Khris P / GLENN / Agnus Abel of West Village / Jaymes Bond / Leon Swanks / & Paceos 

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