The first one was to test the waters. A little extracurricular fun in the shop with our closest Club907 members - the cash prize was couple hundred dollars taken home by Scooter aka 11X11. Since that day he has worn the invisible sash of 907 2k dominance and flexes because of that when it's necessary. But the wheel has come full circle and we are back for round 2 of the exciting right of passage here at Club907. This time we've attached a very rare sponsor - the Los Angeles based cult brand Future Street. This is a is a self-invite (email RSVP), first come first serve sign-up 2K Invitational. 25 canned goods get you entry if you can submit your name to the 16 slot bracket in time. The cash prize, any store item of your choice and most important bragging rights are on the line - we are expecting some familiar faces but we are looking forward to seeing some unknowns get involved. The special charity is to be announce on the day of the tourney. 12 midnight on July 1st, via the eTcTacoma website, in the contact section is the earliest you can sign up. Stay ready - don't waste your time getting ready. 

Umi WagonerComment