MUSIC: PREP - Black Peacoat EP

Prep - originally from Orlando has been in Tacoma and working consistently for sometime now. Linking with Tacoma talents LROC and Cally Reed has helped usher Prep into the young Tacoma scene effectively. But his own ground work is how we've come to know and support Prep. Within our first month of opening down at 907 he popped into the shop with "Authentic" his last EP and had hard copies in hand. The introduction song caught our ear and we've been playing his loosie releases and features ever since. Meeting him he spoke clearly and certain about his vision and where he came from and how he came to land in Tacoma. It was an organic moment that kept his name in our minds when months down the road we figure out that HAYDAY! was filming his videos and he had close affiliation with LROC. That's the best way for Club907 to meet someone - it should all come full circle - if the initial introduction is genuine. 

So close to a year later here we are, helping with the release of his latest work Black Peacoat EP. We'll be sure to give you our review on the project in the upcoming week but right now we want you to take the time to enjoy get the listening experience.

Two of the reasons we play Prep are his ability to pick beats for himself and his choice to maintain the substance. There is a lot of "let's have a good time" music that speaks to nothing about your life but the facade of living vicariously through another. That's cool but where does it stop, only time will tell.  But Prep is where the tangible content continues, there's some storytelling, some wit, some more conscious moments and it makes for a well rounded project. It's heavy in a sense - you feel like you can get your hands on it. When we asked Prep about why he wanted to release the project this way he said to show surprise appreciation the way the fans show him. It's responses like that which make us proud to announce that there will also be a listening party AUGUST 22ND for Prep and his "Black Peacoat EP" in-store at eTcTacoma 907 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA. Be on the lookout for the event flyer coming soon. Until Prep. 

Umi Wagoner6 Comments