MUSIC: BLAKK SOUL - After Hours via TheLife253.tumblr

There are a couple places that we find our new tunes, outside of hours floating through Soundcloud pages, there are a few Internet hubs that we refer to and rarely let us down. For anything pop culture relevant, after reading very bias opinions on twitter, we surf over to TheLife253 tumblr and click the download link in order to come to our own conclusions and take sides in the ensuing meme wars that occur. And although TheLife is known for providing the most talked about leaks first there are other times when the leaks & impromptu midnight releases hit closer to home. Such is the case with TOWN representative and repeat feature on Like it or Not (that's the blog you are currently reading) Blakk Soul. The talented vocalist released a "late night cuttin" single last night during the hours in question. The sound is of the time more than usual for the soulful crooner Blakk Soul who has made his name by giving his generation a taste of RnB and neo-soul the industry has long ago abandoned in the midst of the sexy situational moments causing female frenzy in age ranges teeny-bopper to mommy-bopper & spearheaded by Ty$, Fetty Wap more recently and Mr. Talkyouthroughit PND. Needless to say besides the fact that it's late night lob it is refreshing to see Soul turn the corner where we've all been patiently waiting for his arrival. Play After Hours below. 

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