PRODUCT: The Cozy Chronicles

Lately I've been finding my way back to streetwear, pretty much where it all got started for me. I've always loved graphic tees, a crisp pair of raw denim, and some fresh sneaks. I mean for me when I think of streetwear that's what I think of. That spells comfort to me, and that is thee exact opposite of what I've been lately, of course it's always good to change and grow and find out what works for you right?! I've learn this past year that I'm more of a denim and comfy pair or boots/sneakers kinda guy, I feel like I'm back in my element. From now on if I'm not 100% at all times I'm not wearing it period, so with that all being said take a look at one of my favorite streetwear labels Patta. It's all about coziness with this Fall/Winter collection. Lots of sweats, hoodies, and long sleeved tees, everything you need to keep cozy and comfortable this Fall. If you ask me it's all thumbs up on Patta.

Kyle MoushegianComment