Beamin as Diego - Mind of a Gemini "Mood Swings"  is not only the longest hip-hop album title we've heard in the past decade but it also sets quite the stage. And he was smart enough to pair that with extensive promotion, promotion that has been going for a little under a year, for his next full length project. Beamin is an artist smarter than most - he's an observer and meticulous when it comes to the initial perception of his work. You only have one first impression. Professional is the best word to describe his work and his sound. At times it can be simple - but it is not elementary; it's moreso "a less is always more" kind of way and we appreciate that in these trying times of trying so hard. 

Swerve appears to be the street single from "Mood Swings" (abridged title) and it is a BANGER straight out the gate. Alonzo Sevan aka PetaTosh is featured on the first verse and sets the tone and track ablaze instantly allowing Beamin to cover all other bases and provide us with a wavy one for the road warriors. It really does help to play Swerve in the car or at least while in motion - standing still just doesn't do it justice. Word to Beamin for the double time flow been waiting to hear that - we just wanted to know it was always in the cadence arsenal.  

Umi WagonerComment