Leez had a crazy good year 2015, from interviews to features he did his thing a little bit of everywhere. It was a testament to his solid networking and performing in the clutch when the Tacoma Weekly presented him as the Artist of the Year in the fourth quarter of 2015. Josh Rizeberg really hit the nail on the head. 

So it really isn't surprising that he's come into the new year with a first quarter heater. Supreme Being (8 tracks) released Jan 5th on Soundcloud and what seemed like every hip hop blog on the Internet - and with good reason. YLyfe invested in King Leez with this one starting with the street single video 'Missin', then the Pusha T & Kevin Gates verses and the great publicist work (shout out YaYa out here working OT). Also shout out to Raz Simone for linking when it makes sense. 

But really shout out to Leez who has turned his flow into something exciting over the past couple of years. Think about Z-Ro & Slim Thug and what they mean to Texas, not just Houston, that is what Leez is becoming for the TOWN, he speaks to the to world and his perspective on life and world issues but he can tell you how it is in Tacoma and it's authentic to the world we live in. I won't spoil the project because you should need to listen to this and want to but that Kevin Gates verse is amazing and Cally Reed was right for the hook on 'Look', 'Acceptance' is great work from Leez and 'In My Mode' is a single for sure. Peep it in full below. Share it. 

Sidenote: Thank you Leez for making the audible on In My Mode, homies are homies but it was the right thing to do for the record.