STX (StreetX) is an Australian street wear boutique; a legit hub for the culture abroad. They kill it riding the grassroots wave; they also get in some of the more limited American brands. Born x Raised seems to be a big one for them but they also stock the young wave juggernaut CLSC, whom they did a three sku release that sold out fast. Their shop layout is great, white brick has always done it for me, and their shop brand is really good and pretty extensive in size. A cool part apart their brand (and something Kev loves to rub in our faces) is the cut and sew lengths the go to make sure the brand is quality. T-shirts, dad hats, longsleeves, polos amongst other garments - all cut and sew. Luckily for us Aussies are built like in shape Americans so the fit and shape of the garments work for us. 

We at the 907 club are proud and excited to welcome STX to the bright side. Stop in the shop and try out their polo, polo rugby and anorak but also look out for the online shop update - they'll be up there.