It will inevitably get to the point of "oh now all these fuckboys wear it" and if you're a first adopter of anything and you see, in your opinion, an undesirable person or 'poser' in your favorite wears you are displeased. It happens, but if you're tried and true you rock with it and keep shit moving, integrate it into your wardrobe in bits and pieces instead or only collect certain items whether it's lighters or headwear.  BUT if you're lucky - and only if you're lucky the brand you've grown attached to has incorporated lifestyle pieces. This is where streetwear brands with cult followings really win. You might have a rug forever if it's becomes a part of your ideal home, or favorite lunch box, or beach towel. Lifestyle pieces allow us to keep our favorite brands in the home and out of the closet. I've done it with brands like TH, obviously everybody was wearing it so I'd only use wallets, penny boards, pillows, pens, pencils, socks, mouse pad, rug, mug, laptop case, glasses, etc. Items that I'd use and see daily. It's a healthy balance, I wear Public Label and live TH. I never purchased any but Crooks lifestyle items were always something that I enjoyed. When I was a bit younger Stüssy was really the only brand I knew of with lifestyle products other than Bape and although my eye is a product of Japanese streetwear designers - it is the streetwear brands from North America that I support most, so I never got into chasing Bape items. 

Hoop Season '16 is the first time we are retailing such a lifestyle product with the introduction our first slides, first of many. They're extremely comfortable and I've learned over the years that having a crazy indoor game is as important to me as outdoor. 1x for the Polyester the Saint slippers I hold so near and dear. This T.Sonic version, like most things T.Sonic, is going to be available in extremely limited quantity. The first version is usually the most coveted so you gotta work for it - or don't and miss out. Slides will be available for purchase via the online shop or in-store at 907 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 and retail at ($50) USD.   

Who cares??