It is custom for me to wait until the dust settles before giving my thoughts to the Internet on any particular subject. But there are rare exceptions to every rule and speaking on FTP is very necessary. There are a number of reasons - he's the Bad Brains of rarewear from where I'm sitting, his resume I don't know in full yet so I won't speak on it this time but it is clear he has put in the work for the right people in order to get to where is he is now, his marketing is gorilla, his pop-up shops are well executed, he cares about cut and sew influence in his collections, HE'S BLACK. Brands like Anwar's Carrots and FTP are the next Lamar and Dauley and Patta's, black owned and designed brands with an international buzz and proper business acumen to sustain. It's pretty sick to follow. 

"No Father Figure" Pt. II is FTP's latest collection and it released today to the public via his web store like everything else. The look book, like most FTP imagery, is intense, up close and personal and full of military grade metal. As a lover of the revolver it obviously strikes a chord with me, but Fader even spoke on the release of the collection. There hasn't been a brand like FTP since Freshjive, hopefully his goal is to keep the quantities low and the fiends in the millions.