I might start reading The Fader Mag again; the last three times that I've been to their site it has actually been captivating. I can't tell you the last time before the start of 2016 that Fader has anything intriguing to say to me - with the exception of ILLFIGHTYOU features. Although they still don't cover KhrisP & KREAMTEAM enough for my liking. Dave B. though - very stoked they have decided to feature his new video for the banger pre-released song from Punch Drunk, his full-length you can still get via iTunes

Rain the visual appears to be an extended phone conversation between Dave B and a young lady from the city (Seattle). In the midst of their conversation his lady friend seems to be more and more enticed and excited with Dave's cunning linguistics. So much so that she hopes out of the bed and beginnings to vibe/dance to his bars. The video ends with Dave's homies catching the boot and the pretty young lady finding her way to his back door. The comic relief was necessary. 

Music video by Dave B performing "Rain" from his album, 'Punch Drunk'. Purchase 'Punch Drunk' by Dave B on iTunes today: Stream: Director: Peter Edlund Producer: Lael Rogers Director of Photography: Tracy Nystrom Dancer: Tracey Wong Choreographer: Kokou Gbakenou

To be honest - for how amazing this song is this visual is lackluster; which was exactly the opposite effect from his last visual from Punch Drunk 'Custom'. That video exponentially increased how much we played the mp3 version. The concept of 'Rain' visually isn't connected enough to the vibe created lyrically on 'Rain' in our humble opinion. A large part of that feeling may have to do with the leading ladies choreography, it was distracting more than anything. You should still give the video a spin but for sure give the mp3 a chance in the car if this is your introduction to Dave B. Despite my feelings with this video - Dave still has next. He's in LA right now proving us right.