'Immature' is the first of many volumes from the Aramis & Gary collection. This is the result of the networking, communicating and relationship building that has been non-existent in Tacoma until this generation of the youth. You can literally see the lack of hate in the room and the willingness to work on projects in collaboration with each others brands. It stems from building familiarity over the Internet but when meeting in person these kids talk to each other like there is history. It's not the typical way but it's the modern way, so then again maybe it is typical nowadays. No matter what it will be strange to those of us who were around before social networking was a way to communicate with people you don't know. Believe it or not at one point even social accounts, groups, pages and gossip was meant for your select group of friends - not the homies and then random Randy from Texas. 

They annihilated the 'Intro' track and being familiar with their work separately it is a pleasure to hear the ying and yang be so precise. They also mix up the sounds; it's not all trap or boom-bap, it is one cohesive project with peaks and valleys. The highlights for myself are Small Bong and Young Heart by I'll let the people decide - it's better to let the streets tell it.

The rightfully named, “Immature” EP, features collaborative work from two producers native to the PNW, Aramis and Gary. These young producers have been working on various projects over the last few months though this will only be the second official release following up West Village’s talented MC/Singer Ta7j with her debut project “7”

“Immature” brings out a few of the styles and sounds used to create 7, however it also brings into play a lot of freestyled instrument patterns and awkwardly enticing arrangements mixed in over deep basses and some really fresh drums.

Keep an eye out for more work from Aramis and Gary in the next few months and make sure to follow on soundcloud.

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