Peta Tosh has always been the quality over quantity type of artist that I hoped to see from Seattle. It's the city and he treats it as such and he moves through it with purpose. This Summer upgraded his moniker to AlonzoSevan and spent it releasing a couple cuts and a couple visuals and Fall doing feature work with TOWN affiliate Beamin, they have a song 'Swervin' that is a banger.

I must have missed the mp3 on this one but visuals are a strong point with Alonzo and he does not disappoint with this new 'Sippin & Smokin' video. Good work from Alonzo and I hope this means he's gearing up for a project release. 

I posted about Fuck 12 when it released on Soundcloud because we had personally seen how it caused the crowd to react when he performed it live for the first time, and not too many days out from recording the song. It seemed overwhelming for the crowd and his solid performance fueled the fire. 

The visual was shot and directed by PHX (:30) and per usual he does a great job in that very specific way that he does whatever it is that he does. It's his own style on some Hype Williams, Spike Jonze craze, it feels like he's coining his own angles and effects. Built around the abrasive but some how joyful spirit of 'FUCK 12' by Parker, it's good work from the Coze crew once again.  

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