Let me explain something to you; if there is one that getting shipped around by my parents and moving away from the TOWN showed me it was that weekend culture is thee lamest. And for years I couldn't understand what was lame about Tacoma to teens older than us when we were just tikes. It was the lack of night life which I saw years later coming back for the Summers for brief moments and even now. If you are living for the weekend, what are you really living for?? Two and a half days isn't enough time. It's every night, or at least one or two specific nights during the week that make sense to your work load; you should be balancing your fun - then TAKE THE WEEKEND OFF! Sleep it away. Read a book. Netflix and chill. Take up yoga. If you're scared go to church. 

Let's be clear about one other thing. This is not an eTcTacoma event. This is an event by Umi aka Jeanl√©. This is an SVNDLAAT NIGHT is anything other than that. One night a week that you can see faces you care to see, hear music you may not have heard before, dance (because there should be plently of that, drink ridiculous amounts of brew (which I will do for you if you don't), eat a taco or two, take a Jamie shot, throw back some ginger ale and move through it - if you're a male. If you're the prettier version of our species it's about margaritas and the dance floor - I Jagged Edge you can move to one time. 

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