Last year was nuts. I dropped Glenn during a stage dive. That was just one of many highlights, another one was the swaying mosh pit of energy when the IFY hits like 'Threats' & 'Bandaid' were played. It was like being pulled under by a waves current, there was no escape until it settled itself.

I must say - I like this year's line up a lot more than last years; although last year did introduce me to Rat Path. Last year Jazzbones treated :30 like an after thought basically rushing their performance and griping about Keon's age; even after :30 agreed to compile with their in and out policy for the underage phenom whom plently of people pulled up too late to see. And that was the performance that sold me to their ability to take their craft seriously. I don't see people missing the show no matter how early they're on this year. The wave is real. And I may be bias but Peasant Boys are always fun to watch and at this sort of event they often play new shit no one has heard. We may be in for a treat. The last time IFY played with Binge, that's all people could talk about when we arrived to the venue. Who are they? This year we'll finally get to figure it out. 

The homie Da$h is also going to be making an appearance. It's very rare that we get this caliber of artist in the TOWN shout out to Glenn - it kind of goes without saying that this shit show will be another one for the books. 

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