In the past we have paid homage to “The Kid” and we will continue to keep his legacy forever young. Our Fall ‘16 release is anchored on Ken Griffey Jr. and his induction into the Hall of Fame. For years and years the Pacific Northwest has been waiting to come together and celebrate his dynamic career and all that he has done for the Mariners and Seattle. Players like Kemp and Griffey shaped our image of professional athletes as children.

While building the collection we examined players, trainers, their influence, their early and iconic moments hand selecting images and events that were nostalgic and affected our perception of professional sports figures. When digging deeper during the design process we unearthed moments we must have forgotten; from the horrific story of the SeaWorld trainer and Orca (Blackfish) to watching Jordan sky through advertisement after advertisement for the first time, each piece was built to embody the feeling we felt then and interpreted through how we feel now.