October in Tacoma has been titled Art's Month, the city has pop-up galleries all over much it would on art-walk evenings but this time the exhibitions are bigger and promoted further out. There are all kinds of artists that do not usually put there selves out to the public on such a main stage but thankfully the coordinators of arts month have their finger on the pulse of what and who Tacoma needs to introduced or re-introduced to. We have for two years now been plotting a show with Perry Porter. He is an amazing talent/hand and he has an original and exciting scope for what his eye decided to reflect based off what it's seen. Neon Dion is the man who first introduced me to Perry's work and his music. Perry is also half of hip-hop duo from Tacoma known as Sleep Steady. They recently have been doing shows next to other local acts and I we can see their awareness and following slowly growing. Since Dion's introduction I have followed Perry closely on twitter where he (like most artists) gives the world small glimpses into what he's been creating and new techniques. It was also Dion who bridged the gap for the Candy Paint exhibit to cover the Club907 walls October 20th as a feature for art's month. And it was murmurs from their performance at The Flamingo Room that peaked my interest into having Sleep Steady perform as a addition to Perry's traveling Candy Paint. 

The main focus in his work is to celebrate women of color and honor the beauty in their struggles.

"Art is power. Especially in modern culture. We look up these people as the standard of genius or beauty. The problem with that is there is no one that looks like us. There is no dark skin, no thick hair, no full lip, nothing that represents the people that help build this country. I want, not just women, but people of color to realize they are just as beautiful/important as the faces they see immortalize in these museums."

His style and technique are primarily influenced by artist like Lora Zombie, Agnes Cecile, Markus Prime and Konrad Roset. A self taught artist mainly working with watercolor or watered down acrylics. ranging in size from 8"x11" to 30"x 30" mostly done on watercolor paper. Colors are bright and vibrant and his ability to add emotion to each piece he paints is uncanny. Honestly it was his tunnel vision of content that drew me into wanting to know more about how Perry Paints came to be, we must have the same measure for beauty. 



Thursday, October 20th 6PM-10PM at 907 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 we will be hosting Perry Paints "Candy Paint" exhibition. From 6-8PM Perry will be in-store hanging around, taking questions, shaking hands and SELLING art. From 8-9PM you can enjoy a DJ set from Sean the Shaman who is an amazing talent and an awesome personality. He also has mad skills on the mic and behind the tables. Finally, 9-10PM will be your chance to see Sleep Steady live and bringing the energy plus jams. Per usual it's going to be pretty faces and lively atmosphere young and old, male and female. 

Please take the opportunity to get your eyes, ears and hands on Perry Paints work in any form and bring a plus one!!!!