Every season we get some twatty little kid or possibly twatty grown-ass man that decided to tear up about one or two of our designs and how they are unoriginal or copy-cat graphics. Our answer now and forever is that we do not care, NEVER HAVE - NEVER WILL. Most of our designs evolve into T-shirts or accessory ideas after days and weeks worth or conversation, research, reference photos or the majority of the time an inside joke. Club907 is also the laugh factory FYI. This season during the research process we were wanting to touch of the greats and in a way that was not too far from home, so you can actually grasp the branding reference, and that stirs up memories of exact moments when you knew you witness history happening right in front of you. Although personally I'm not the biggest Jordan fan - his legacy is unmatched in several ways. He dominated with a powerful prowess and prestigious that would crown him king of the air - Air Jordan. But it would be his earliest moments flying through the air that would freeze his full extension forever, in 1984 during press for the Olympics was the first time Jordan was captured in a photo performing the same soaring extension slam that sells billions upon billions of merchandise annually today.

"For the logo, design team leader Peter Moore found a Life Magazine photo of Jordan during the Olympics and recaptured the star pulling off a similar move wearing his Bulls colors." 

Our Mr. Marvelous T is the original Captain Marvelous silhouette complete with the infamous USA warm ups. Captain Marvel being the name that never stuck, for our Fall'16 Hall of Fame collection we are all about the moments before the moments - the split seconds when you see the Hall of Fame in their future but at during a period when only time could tell us how their legacy would end. 

"When Jordan entered the NBA in 1984, he was given the nickname “Captain Marvel” by Johnny “Red” Kerr, the color commentator for the Chicago Bulls. However, the nickname (fortunately) never stuck."

Shout out to Captain Marvel a Hall of Fame superhero. Check out our source(s).